Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cape Lookout - Netarts Bay, Oregon

             18x24                  Pastel                    $250

A cold day on the Oregon coast with the sea mist still rising. I came upon this view of the cape and bay while hiking in the area - too far away to see the colony of sea lions hanging out at the mouth of the bay.  Working on Wallis paper, I used a muted soft pastel palette to match the day. This painting recently won a 2nd place award in a Portland area show.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cape Sebastian, Oregon Coast

                                    8x10                   Pastel                   $150
Good news! I just won a first place award with this painting. This was morning on the coast. The sun was managing to penetrate a heavy coastal mist with shafts of light. It was so dramatic it took your breath away. My sister, visiting from England, joined with me in declaring Cape Sebastian the jewel of the Oregon Coast.
This was a difficult image to paint. I wanted to be sure I kept the drama in the sky, while not making the image too dark (it's actually a little lighter than it photographed). I kept it loose, and resisted the temptation to include figures. This pastel is on paper, and is framed in a black mat and frame - which makes the image just pop out.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Capitol Reef, Utah

   30x16                              Oil                                 $250
Southern Utah is a favorite vacation spot. I'm a girl who never met a rock she didn't like, so I'm in heaven hiking in the area. The size of outcroppings at Capitol Reef is overwhelming, and the skies so clear you feel you can see forever. I completed this oil on canvas shortly after returning from a trip.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oregon Grape Spring Flowers

8x10        Oil             $125
I've just completed these two paintings for an upcoming exhibit at Champoeg State Park in Oregon. My art guild (North Clackamas Arts Guild) has been invited to show paintings pertaining to Oregon's landscape, and  state history. The exhibit will be held June 5, 6, 2010.
The Oregon Grape plant is the State Flower. It grows abundantly in the Willamette Valley, where I live. The berries are edible. But, I've tasted them and would have to be very hungry to enjoy them!

Oregon Grape Fall Berries

8x10        Oil       $125

Friday, April 2, 2010

Portchester Castle, Hampshire, England

                 5x7               Oil                    $125

Every so often I get nostalgic for my homeland. I was in that mood when I completed a series of castle miniatures (not technically-but small). This is my favorite, perhaps because I love this place. It's close to where I grew up and is steeped in history. Though not much more than a shell, there is a  room where prisoners were held. The walls are covered in graffiti, mostly in French and dating to hundreds of years ago. The Romans built well, and all the perimeter walls are standing. Beyond this gate is the Solent, where kings and queens launched their galleons to continue the national pastime - fighting the French and Spanish.
There are four paintings in this series. If you'd like to see the others, email me ( the address is at the bottom of my bio on the right). All of them have a black background, with a barely detectable purplish glaze.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lighthouse at Cape Blanco, Oregon

                           16x20                Pastel                $290
I spent a long time crawling all around this lighthouse, looking for the perfect angle for my painting. Not finding exactly what I wanted, I settled  on a couple of possibilities and headed for my car. Sitting at the edge of the parking area emptying sand from my shoes, I happened to look up at the building. There it was, just what I envisioned: the lonely sentinel, bathed in light this sunny day.
My favorite medium is oil, but pastel is a close second. I work on sanded paper and use mostly soft pastels. Sadly, my favorite brand, Rowney, sold out and is now produced in bigger sticks. It's also lost some of it's softness. I have small hands, and really loved those small sticks. 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunset, Columbia River, Oregon

                                   11 x 14                  Oil                   $275     
It's hard to paint an Oregon landscape without using green; we (on the western side) are surrounded by it. Even deciduous trees wear a mantle of moss through the winter. However, the Columbia Gorge has its own palette. The evening I took this photo was a case in point. It was a pink and purple world for a brief few seconds, but time enough to capture it for a painting. 
I applied oil thickly in this painting, making frequent use of a painting knife. I had read an art instructor's comment that thinly applied oil gives you a painted canvas, whereas thick oil throughout gives you a painting. It worked well on this painting, which also won an award.